Monday, October 17, 2016

My Friends

Assalamualaikum :)

One of my happiness is being surrounded with people who love and care about me, Thanks to them - in the pictures <3

we have been closed because of tutorial class akhlak tasawuf second semester. when the class ended, we talked and realized that we have a same hobby which is some of us love singing and some love hearing.  This gang called 'kataks' (because i think katak love singing huh? haha).
then we formed a whatsapp group. the rule of the whatsapp group is everybody must do voicenote, cannot typing but seriously the rules was broken (at the same day, haha) :'D
Alhamdulillah, we still together till today.
May this friendship last forever, MY GIRLS ^^

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hye Assignments!


yeayy say hi to my beloved assignments! huwaaaaarghhh cryinggg :')
take a deep breath zue! just follow the flow okeyyyy :D

byeeee (continue my assignment -- need to submit tomorrow. lets huhu with me)

Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Internship

Asslamualaikum :)

actually i already finished my internship at Pejabat Agama Jajahan KB since 3 weeks ago. guess what? i ride motorcycle alone everyday about 25km one way! haha this is the part that i really proud of myself cause i scared riding motorcycle before but then i realized that i need to face my fear if i wont stuck in the jammed everyday (i think no one like jammed :p)

my internship just 2 month started from 10th july (5th day of Raya Aidilfitri) till 8th september 2016.
i have soooooooo much fun during my internship! >,<

But the first, second and third day was really pishanggg. its like you go to the office, chitchat and sleeping haha lol :p
some of my friends are from UKM, UMS and UPSI. i guess we were being so closed. Thank you guys :')

with Abe Khairul Izuandi aka Abe Yo.
thank you for always being nice with me!
seriously, the whole month of Raya Aidilfitri, no need to go to canteen or bring your bekal from home because every day there should be any department sambut Aidilfitri. wehehe save budget gituuu :D

All practical students from UKM at JAHEAIK
with penyelia UKM, Prof Madya Dr. Kamaruddin

this two beautiful girls are my favorite friends ever! u know 'sekepala'? haha yeahhh we are :p
member of gossip, member of 'lets lunch together', member of 'jom gi aeon', hahaha
thank you anis jai and kak siah for every sweet memories. gonna miss you girls!

last but not least, big thanks to JAHEAIK and especially all staffs from PAJKB. everybody just very nice with me (cryinggggg). introducing my great staffs:

Kak Sha, a strict one.
Kak Tie, geng huha-huha.
Kak Ra, like to give us tips and secrets (secret to stay hot hahaha)
Kak Zura, a beautiful one, actually she is a Beauty Consultant of Mary Kay. She tought me about make up (even i joined her make up class hehe).
Kak Sue, very lemah lembut :')
Abe Yo, soooooooooo nice, seriously. he is a tailor ok :D
Abe Alif, suka sakat orang :p
Abe Yie, always bought kuih every morning :)

Everybody who tought me about life, Thank You.
May Allah bless you all <3

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